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  NICE FIRST STAR LTD. is a distributor of Taiwan Nell Power Semiconductor.

Distribution of high power diodes,
Used in welding machines, converters, high power chargers, uninterruptible power systems, air plasma cutting, home appliance related equipment, solar power, wind power, solid-state relays, voltage regulators, power tools, dimmers, motor drivers, Motor control, soft starter, etc.


The following is a brief introduction to the specifications:


For more information and quotations, please contact our company.

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For those who want to know more about high-power diode products, please contact us by email. If there are products not shown on the webpage, please email us. Please refer to the following E-MAIL for inquiries.


NFS.SALES009@GMAIL.COM  Salesperson: SAM 


After asking about the product in the letter, you will get a reply from the relevant business staff to inform the official quotation, and the delivery time will be about 2 ~ 4 weeks.