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  NFS is a professional manufacturer and supplier of radio wave isolation rooms, radio wave isolation boxes. Due to the trust of customers, in addition to the isolation rooms, isolation boxes, customized products, etc., it also purchases some computer peripheral products. In December 2019, it officially became a distributor of large computer peripheral agents. It has a good relationship with agents and can provide more high-quality product services.




  Please refer to all the products and prices on the official website of NFS. If you encounter special specifications or products that are not found, please feel free to call us. NFS will provide the fastest and best service. Let friends who trust NFS have a good and pleasant shopping experience.


NFS is a professional RF SHIELDING ROOM Vendor. The perfect construction schedule reduces the time that affects the office quality and experimental test in the shortest time. The different sizes of isolation rooms can be customized according to the customer's needs, and the isolation room relocation project can also be undertaken.


If the customer has a request, please feel free to contact us by phone. Due to the special needs of the isolation room, the environmental impact will also affect the relevant configuration. NFS can arrange the professional staff to conduct on-site measurement and evaluation discussion, giving the best advice. 


After the customer self-assessed the demand, NFS began to arrange production after the customer placed the order.
Have a good reputation in the industry,Welcome to contact us at +886-922-315-981. or email : &